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The internet is a giant rant opportunity, so I excercise my rant right.
A right not used is a right denied.  I was never  a Politically Correct person.  There are jerks in the world.  They should be referred to as jerks.    Not every opinion has merit,  The Govenor of Louisiana for example pointed out  "If I see a person with a diaper on his head held on by a fan belt, I think someone should stop that man and question him"  Gotta love those good old boys.  They have a hard enough time with people in this country, let alone outsiders.

One of the ways these events have affected us is to have those of us who felt we were not important before 9-11, feel even less important.  If you are not a fireman, policeman, or soldier what is your contribution to the fight?  Many people feel powerless to help, other than to cheer on from the sidelines, and send money.  It is easy, but not very fulfilling.

I say this- According to Ben hiding ( or whatever his name is, like I care) every tax paying american is a target.  So therefore if you pay taxes at any level you are pissing him off.  And if you ignore him and live the great american dream you are fighting  those twisted narrow ideas of nirvana cooked up by people who can't even stop rickets from devouring thier own children.

So show what you are made of - go out and be American.  This is what defines us.  Truth, Justice and THE AMERICAN WAY.  I define the American Way as life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness.  You are defined and reap the result of your own actions.  Many died so we could do exactly that.  If your thing is to be a great pastry chef, go do it with pride and remember many men through the years made sacrifices just so you could do that.  They did not say, "I am fighting so other people can fight in another generation."  I think they said "I am fighting so that no other generation will have to."   When we take up the banner we are saying "You cannot take away what so many have given thier lives to preserve."  We may have fallen to a lull of complacency, but these recent events remind us to remain vigilant.

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.  Go out - work hard, play hard, accumulate those things that you want to define your existence - live your dream.  We cannot be cowered by those who would bully us into being less than we are able to be, THAT'S unamerican.  Americans are defined by thier beliefs and actions, not thier lineage or religion. When the POW's were under the most severe oppression that could be heaped upon them, it is thier demonstration of american spirit that leaves us in awe.  We did not ask what religion they were or what continent thier ancestors came from.  

I believe a flicker of that spirit lives in every TRUE american.  I say to all people, don't shirk the opportunity to show your fire of freedom. 

Semper Paratus

Semper Fidelis

We Will Prevail.

I am a New Yorker, but we are all Americans
Oh yeah, here's some pics for you peaceniks and kumbaya types - know what your dealing with.
  Jihad is not a just a fashion statement, it is something these people will devote generations to.
Aerial View  9-12